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One of your previous posts

I listened all night intently chatting with others on the DP liberty Chat as we listened to confirm what we were hearing. I did not take detailed notes. I am only lending my direct observations and how I got them. I think there are plenty of holes in this mess to not have to add to it. I am pretty rational and to the best of my ability from listening to a whole lot of back and forth over the radio, it seemed like they were too disorganized and excited to be executing some switcheroo on this particular item with the naked guy. They harassed a lot more people then him. I personally think they wanted to parade that guy out naked to see how the rest of the country will react the same way they went through Watertown in force violating the Bill of Rights as they went the next morning for all to see.

My thought is much of this is just testing the waters to how we react to seeing people stripped publicly on the street for simply looking like someone else and then after finding out the guy is clean not having the decency even to dress the poor shmuck. I believe they wanted the media to see that. That pissed me off to see while I had already heard the whole thing go down on the radio.
Hope that helps.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo