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You don't know that. 100%

You don't know that. 100% really?
Your information does not match the time line.
I listened the live feed of the Boston pd radio frequencies for the entire night until the morning when they cut the feed before they went door to door after cordoning off Watertown. They stated they wanted to wait for daylight before raiding Watertown. During the course of events naked guy was taken down on the street after the SUV chase and while they said the older one was at the hospital already declared dead. Naked guy was detained and stripped while they were looking for the younger brother and cordoning the area for the big show of force, I mean search... All that raw audio felt very legit coming in from many confused individual officers. Listening to it, it would have been hard to say that it was not real time events as they cross checked with all other available data as it was eventually reported.

It is important to note that during the SUV incident and initial part of the night they thought the brothers were two entirely different people. A missing Brown U student and another. They were picking up people specifically because they fit a description. They also hit a Cab and detained 3 "middle eastern" appearing men for quite some time as well. They were definitely not methodical in the beginning of this. You could hear how hyped up they were on the radio and lacking information and direction in their early efforts.

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