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Short summary

1. The whole worldwide economic system is essentially a ponzi scheme barely being held together and is rapidly deteriorating towards total collapse.
2. When this collapse occurs the civil breakdown globally of 7 billion people is going to be unprecedented and complete chaos as most are now reliant on mega corporations and do not grow our own food and live outside of climate areas that do not need heating or cooling to survive. A vast majority of society now depends on big pharma, petrochemical companies and all the other multi-national corporations.
3. The global elite are pulling out all the stops to prepare for this collapse to protect themselves, including building and training their insulation with the military police state, the internment camps, disarming the populace, etc.
4. This orchestration will escalate until the whole system explodes or implodes. There is probably no avoiding what has become an assault on humanity and life as we know it. As long as some people want to control others there will be slavery and conflict.
5. We have run out of real estate on this finite planet so something has to give and it is going to be very catastrophic. Survival and the animal instinct will rear its ugly head with a complete breakdown of civility and the rule of law. People will probably become the same vicious and ruthless type of people as those ruling them now just to try and stay alive.
6. All of this is too bad because life doesn't have to be this way. A few fundamental philosophical changes in how we conduct our lives as Ron Paul has always professed would reveal an entirely different world, one filled with peace and prosperity. It is so painful to watch this whole beautiful world we live in falling apart because of misguided leadership and greed. We have run out of time and space, so be prepared for the worst.