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It's been my experience in life that often when someone accuses another of doing or believing or saying something that is generally seen in a negative light, the accuser is doing or believes or states the very thing they're accusing the other of doing. For example, a spouse accuses the other spouse of having an affair; it then turns out the accusing spouse is the one having an affair. It's a curious human phenomenon. Many times the accuser doesn't even realize that's what they're doing. I suspect this is happening in politics as well. Unfortunately, most politicians don't apply much of anything they propose, vote for, talk about,to themselves as they do to us. How else can Obamacare be justified? Of course, it's the same with gun control. They aren't thinking of it in terms of themselves. They are not "of" the people as was the original plan. And most leftists just don't understand what they're advocating until and unless it affects them. Even then, I'm not convinced they get it.