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but, I don't believe the corporatist govt got your note!


Now, only if the corporatist govt would exercise the same standard, not to mention, the masses apply such equal skepticism and scrutiny vs. the corporatist govt and their dutiful MSM mouthpieces, whenever they claim they have manufacture 'evidence.'

How come most people aren't as eager to want to apply the same scrutiny vs. govt/corporatists and MSM??

This is simply us 'policing' ourselves.

Have you seen them offer any evidence in the Boston Massacre, or any other case, have you?

Pictures of faces in various places, MA State PoliceState chopper infrared images don't equate guilt, it just means a person has been caught in their surveillance grid.

Having the public's cellphone/smartphone video recording of audio of automatic gunshot firing don't equate to a 'firefight.' The cops could be shooting into an empty space, or be shooting at unarmed suspect. That's a one way massacre, not a 'firefight.' If the cops are trained to lie, and even continue to assert "stop resisting" or "stop" as they're trained to do, does that actually mean a suspect is resisting, or not stopping? After the advent and wide availability of audio recording devices, to aid their 'innocence' in court cases, the police academy began training them to say that even as they are assaulting an unarmed suspect, or now, tasing immobile suspects. So just because a jury hears audio only of "stop resisting" out of view of dashcam, but nevertheless ON a dashcam, does not automatically equate guilt.

It's like, would you give the benefit of the doubt to a rapist shouting "stop resisting!" to the woman he's raping, even as he is clearly raping her, in front of you??

Why DO rapists and murderers always play the victim? Worse, why do people, who are nice on the most part, accept the cries of the assaulters/rapists/murderers, and not of the actual victims' ??

Why does the public continue to value words and claims of govt functionaries more than their own fellow man?

This is a full-on Exhibit A) of the Vox Populi Lobotomy: the Magical Alchemy of Uniform, and the autonomic acceptance of anything coming out of the mouths of those who say "Hello, I work for the government," but not those from mere 'peons,' the 'mundanes.'

They already lied about initially 'catching a suspect,' when they didn't.

They already lied about, and instantly alluded to 'TeaParty Jihadist' as culprit, with no evidence.

They already lied about the brothers committing the 7-Eleven robbery, when they didn't.

They already lied about the younger brother running over and dragging the older one, when alleged witnesses (as if they're any worse or better than a cop or a bureaucrat claiming they have evidence or saw something) stated that in fact, it was the cops who ran the older one over, and dragged him.

They already lied about the FBI NOT knowing about the brothers, when later they were forced to clarify by CBS of all places, when confronted with the assertion by the mother and the aunt that the brothers, especially the older one, have already been contacted, tracked, and most likely 'handled' by the FBI.

Yet, it's still more natural for the public to assume 'of course, the families would assume innocence,' but not natural for the populace as a default, to assume govt to be 'GUILTY until proven innocent,' when frankly at this juncture in history, they literally have ZERO credibility, whatsoever.

So...given such, since WHEN do known liars and murderers have any credibility, when they've been proven to lie constantly, historically, and factually??

Seriously, again, I'd like to ask, WHEN, does the 'brand' government become synonymous with a degenerate sociopathic guild of assaulters, kidnappers, entrappers, pedophiles, rapists, torturers, and murderers?

Where is a law in the universe that states that govt/public servants should be held to any different moral standards than the rest of the 'peons,' well...unless you are a member of the Ruling Class or their dutiful Pavlovian Praetorian Guard lapdogs?

I'd love nothing more than the masses apply the same skepticism vs their public servant employees. Until that day comes, people will still feel the guilt, and the need to clarify or assert upon others, that THEY 'need' to not claim or say that they have 'evidence' or proof, when they don't.

This, is an unnecessary guilt projection, from a good hearted person.

But, you'll see no such empathy from them, as they've proven, they're more than willing to convict, jail, and murder innocent citizenry, repeatedly, often with NO "evidence" whatsoever. Even when caught lying, instead of admitting guilt, they'd rather keep that citizen locked up, or deny retrial, or dismissal, or expunge records.

But I 'get' it: most people do not understand the mind of sociopaths, because they themselves are nice people, and cannot imagine or fathom that there are others in the world who really don't give a fcuk about niceties, or fairness, or equal application of morality.

That, is precisely what the socipathic controlfreak nerd guild are counting on. No?

But suppose this will continue, as long as people still don't get an image of a degenerate sociopathic guild of assaulters, kidnappers, entrappers, pedophiles, rapists, torturers, and murderers, whenever they hear the term "government."

I pray, that the people wake up soon. We don't have much time...

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul