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Oh, I am SO sorry, that is JUST SO FUNNY!
I have a friend. She has a neighbor who does not like the way they water. They use drip irrigation and other water conservation techniques on their organic farm. To use their allotted water day, it would blow out the system - it is pressurized and set up for framers watering big acreage with those giant water cannons. So she worked out a deal with other neighbors to take one hose worth off their water day, for trade of her water day - these neighbor was more than happy. But the neighbor who made the schedule did not like people going over her head.... (Power corrupts, even a tiny dose of it.)
Backstory on my friend - her husband is an ex-cop who learned enough to walk away and won a small fight in the local county court for his rights. He used no attorney, he and his son studied the Constitution, and went in and prevailed.
OK, so water queen calls the cops and tells them these two are fighting and she thinks my friend is being beaten by her husband. The call gets routed to the wrong county, and the audio for the county to county dispatch call got released, You can hear them say this guy is a problem, "He's a Constitutionalist."
They show up, find Marcela fine, not marks, the only distress she is in is in response to finding heavily armed men in riot gear crawling around her property. When she opens her door, they grab her, drag her out (causing her the ONLY injury she had received that morning), drag her around the house, order her husband out of the house and then hold him at gunpoint - loaded gun to hed, safety off - for 45 minutes REFUSING TO SAY WHO THEY WERE OR WHY THEY WERE THERE. They proceed to conduct a warrant-less search of the home, get giddy when they find tomato starts (on a FARM! People GROWING something?!)...
Their seventh attorney dropped their case last week. When the attorney SEES THE VIDEO - and they only released the part they wanted, they roughed him up pretty good, but did not release that part of the video... The attorneys all take the case, on contingency. "Oh, this is terrible, you people deserve justice...." and then when they realize that the damages are not going to be big enough (Understand what that means: Because he can still walk, because they did not put a bullet in him and run up major surgery bills...) they won't take the case.
There is no such thing as a "good attorney" to my knowledge, and my friggin' daughter is one. I used to think the military was the finest brainwashing money could buy, but law school might actually be more deserving of the title. She was such a beautiful person, I was so proud of her... Now... well.... I pray for her.

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