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I wanna see

the other problems this would cause.

We have 4 dogs and only two leashes. They hate men with uniforms and hats and they have free roam of the house and back yard (through a dog door). In short, we have to way to lock all of them up or bring all of them with us in this scenario so they would end up getting shot. After tearing some 'new ones'.

I know other elderly people who are on oxygen and have it hard wired to their house. The lady only leaves when a van (with its own supply) picks her up. Would they make her leave her supply?

I'm sure there are other situations in which this would go badly (like someone yelling back through the door, "get a warrant first!".

And then there's all the damage that's caused by these search and destroy missions. From knocked over lamps to busted door locks to search dog urinations (actually a very common claim - on furniture after a raid), let's see the class action suit where 200,000 people sue for damages!