Comment: Bam! Awake!!! Now what?

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Bam! Awake!!! Now what?

What does being "awake" mean?

Does that mean the nightmare ends, as if you're waking yourself from a bad dream, and where will I find myself when I wake up? What does being woken up look like, feel like? What does one do different?

Now.. I can see being woken up to God because definately there is a huge life change waking within "The World (lies, corruption, hate, apathy, FEAR, hopelessness, dispare, illness, pestulance)" to "The Christ in the purist of the pure".

Perhaps it's like the tao... Christ is the white and The World is the black? So is your focus on the world or Christ?

We are given two things, life and choice. Do you wake up to Christ, or wake in to a nighmare called the world, and do what?