Comment: Why are these "cops" not arresting

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Why are these "cops" not arresting

The Federal Reserve Board for treason?

The TSA thugs who are in Breach of Duty of the 4th amendment?

DHS operatives conspiring to overthrow the US Constitution?

The zombie banks committing insider trading, criminal fraud, and money laundering?

The psycho cops who murder, terrorize, and maim people on the streets of America everyday.

The US Attorneys who are protecting criminal corporate executives of the defense contractor companies who have already been proven to be stealing from the American People.

The thugs who assault the people in the State political processes in order to get their way.

The war criminals in the executive and legislative branches who murder, torture, terrorize, and destroy the healthy environment of entire countries.

Yes WE KNOW the massive crimes that are being committed by men and women who claim to be operating under the Constitution but only act in subversion to it. We KNOW the crimes being committed by those outlaws listed above but what is done by America's "law enforcement" to bring real justice? NOTHING!!!!

The massive "law enforcement" efforts in Boston prove that America has the personnel to bring alleged criminals to justice but the so called "law enforcement" are just tyrannical minions who WANT to subvert our laws and protect the real criminals. They want a police state because that is what they do; terrorize entire cities and violate many of their constitutional prohibitions. The minions have proven that they are brainwashed tool bags who will respond on command by their criminal handlers who tell them who is "guilty" without any solid proof but what about the crimes being committed by their commanders and by TPTB?

To those psychopathic storm troopers out there; Do you have the balls to go after REAL CRIMINALS? Or are you the brainwashed minions of the criminal elite who are using YOU to destroy the rule of law.

When are you going to use that level of presence for going after the REAL CRIMINALS? Do you need an accuser accepting liability for their accusations? Here I am! I am one of We the People accusing all of those listed above criminals overthrowing our government and LEVYING WAR AGAINST US!

To the People of America, STAND UP! Accuse the real criminals of crimes and demand the same response shown in Boston against those criminals listed above. If we don't then the camps and total destruction of the Constitution are our fate.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...