Comment: Love your enemies unconditionally

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Love your enemies unconditionally

I spoke to my congregation this week about loving your enemies. I told them the police have a job to do and MIT has there job to do. The church has its job to do and it is to love our enemies,then I told them I prayed for Bin Laden until the day he died not because I was soft on crime but because Christ loved the very people who nailed Him to the cross.
I also related to them that the church had failed in its responsibility to these two young men. I said "I took the time to read the younger brothers tweets and he said he wasn't a lifeguard for the money but he was a lifeguard to save lives. His older brother wanted to be an Olympic boxer for the USA as he stood before an American flag.These young men were not always bad but something happened to them. The church didn't reach them so somebody else did."
I continued " God gives us a choice we can take a pressure cooker and fill it full of nails and ball bearings or we can take this symbol of terror and fill it full of potatoes,carrots and roast.We can fill our lives with hate or we can fill our lives with love. With the pressure cooker filled with love we can now invite the poor and our enemies to sit down to dinner with us for what the early church called a love feast."
I then said "this is addressed to the the two guys in black hoods and automatic weapons who stood on video on either side of accused bomber. God sees through your hoods and automatic weapons and says to you I love you and I want you to follow me." I then addressed them " my God Jesus Christ Loves you and so do I."