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Besides - it's in the

self-interest of others to help those who have valuable
practical skills - of which food production and processing/storing
are pretty high up the list of useful things to be able to do.

If you can do this, not only are you better placed to help
others, they have an incentive to help you.

I have grown wheat and barley before and given halfway
decent conditions it is something that can be done with
the most basic of tools and inputs - easier than a lot
of vegetables. Most people don't know that, however
since hardly anyone has ever tried (people that I know, anyway).

Now, I want to get to a higher level with my ability to process
grains - next goal is malting grains! Wood fired oven would
be good, too...

Knowing the basics of and having the basic infrastructure
for food production, processing and storage is huge IMHO -
think I need to acquire Smudge Pot's book.

Here's one I have acquired that Smudge and other preppers
could probably appreciate: