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The wake up isn't to be taken for granted

Granger, seemingly few have noticed the full extent of what he said, to this day. I urge anyone who cares enough to alert the loud mouths on this, such as Beck or Limbaugh, since their recent claims to be "concerned". Now they have something to bite into, if they're so hungry.

In the tone of the POTUS' statement the technique is known as "appeal to emotion", for the cameras, while his alluding to their being on U.S. soil for long, ungrateful heinous crime, etc.

But what did slip out of his mouth is that now every single of us can be deemed guilty of whatever happens within just hours of when it did.

Your rights are gone.

He is so actually convinced of his powers above the Constitution now that he didn't even bother avoiding to challenge the presumption of innocence. He said exactly what he meant, was thinking of - they're guilty - no investigation, no charge, no trial, no judgement.

It's now entirely, "naturally" gone along with the rest.

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