Comment: While I agree with the need to prep food (both meanings)

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While I agree with the need to prep food (both meanings)

I sort of disagree with the concept of stockpiling it. Sure, there are things you may want to keep a larger stock of, things you can't really make yourself like salt, olive oil, various cheeses,etc., but we should be moving toward growing the right quantity of it year round to match our expected needs.

If you stockpile anything of relative high value, you then become a target for those who didn't. I envision such stockpilers becoming well known in the after-economy and always watching their backs. On the other side of the coin, those only growing a week's worth of fish and veggies, spices and spuds will instead, become valuable PEOPLE because only they know how to keep the system producing endlessly.

As far as the idea of having a bug-out, remote location to run to, that's similarly insane. Why wait to change where you live (and risk the hassles of moving during the crisis) when we all know prepping the site you're now living at will be much more effective. Either make due then or move now.