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"Love thy enemies

And pray for the ones who persecute you." These are the words of Jesus. But before we try to do that, we need to realize that we do not have such love to love our enemies. We as sinful human beings do not have the love to love unconditionally. We all love because of the benefit we would receive in return. I think the closest unconditional love we have is parents' love for children. It is clear through the Bible, that we cannot do it without Jesus Christ.

Only God has such unconditional love for people. So only when we allow God to love through us, then we can love our enemies and pray for the ones who persecute us.

Definitely such love comes from faith in God and a true knowledge of God. God is love, and the more we know Him, the more we can love like Him. So how can we do it? From my own personal experiences, I can say that the only way is to go to the Cross and die to my self, let Jesus live through me, and love through me.

Forgiveness is also a very important part of loving your enemy. When we realize that we are sinners just as evil as any other sinners in the world, then it is easy to forgive. When you realize that you have hurt God more than any one else has hurt you, then it is easy to forgive. When you realize even though you have hurt and wrong God and deserve to go to hell forever and ever, and God has forgiven you, then is it very easy to forgive.

Also, knowing God means understanding He is in COMPLETE control. If you know this, then it is easy to love and forgive and pray for your enemies. The martyrs of the past used to kiss the hands of their executioners, because the persecution brought them closer to God. So does all the trials, troubles, problems, disasters, and tragedies. They bring us closer to God. Therefore we can love and forgive.

The key is to know God. Once you know Him and Jesus Christ, then you shall be like Him, and then we shall be able to love with God's unconditional love.