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I'm wondering though if that

I'm wondering though if that applies while they are in pursuit.

Example: you are robbing a bank. Do the cops need to get a warrant while you are robbing a bank? No.

Cops where called after two men carjacked a vehicle and killed a campus officer. Cops track down the suspects. Suspects resist and throw pipe bombs out the windows of vehicle and fire shots...injuring another officer. While in pursuit, one suspect gets away while the other dies. There is a massive manhunt for second suspect...because he is considered armed and dangerous.

Without speculation lets just consider this. The two guys were considered suspects for a huge bombing...for whatever evidence the FBI has. Hours after releasing their photos to the public, the suspects go on a crazy crime spree, carjacking, killing an officer, and throwing explosives out of the car windows...potentially injuring and/or killing others. If this is deemed true...we've got 4 dead including 1 officer and 1 child, plus 180 wounded people including the dude who got his legs blown off. These guys were dangerous. All this considered...remember...without speculation...perhaps we should be relieved they were stopped.

It was reported last night that suspect # 2 is going to be formally charged. He'll get his due process.