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I just wanted to go back to the 90’s and thought you might want to come with me. Ya know… when you and I were younger and could go to music fests and concerts without worrying about petty things like jobs and money?
I listened to this whole album way too much at one point in my life, in fact it took me years to be able to listen to the Smashing Pumpkins again because I may have overdone it back in the day.
And then of course 6teen stone lol… That damn album, I had that one on repeat for a while also.

And what trip back to middle/high school would be complete without Radiohead? And I don’t even care how cliché my love of Radiohead is (I have little shame when it comes to music lol) I effing love Radiohead.

You don’t have to respond to every video I just thought you might appreciate a trip back in time with me, hope you had fun.