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Moxnews clip

This video reveals a lot of information. I still don't know how to embed. According to the Michael Isikoff, NBC News National Investigative Correspondent:

+ "Federal prosecutors have been preparing criminal charges..."
+ "Not an indictment but a criminal complaint backed up by an affadavit [sworn statement] by an FBI Agent..."
+ "The complaint will want to tie the suspect to the bomb..."
+ "We were waiting for it [a copy of the affadavit], we were told we were going to get it yesterday and last night we were told it would likely be coming this morning. We're all waiting to see that."

Regarding the lack of Miranda Rights:

+ "What the Justice Department is saying is they want to use this special high value target investigation team to question him without reading him his Miranda Rights under what's call the 'public safety exception.' That has been defined as 48 hours..."
+ "The ACLU and the Federal Public Defenders Office here in Boston expect to represent Tsarniev are challenging that.."
+ "The longer this goes on, where he can't speak or communicate, could weaken the gov't's case..."