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Sovereign Human

I am an idea man. I give ideas and don't claim intelligence. I am a human, not a droid.

But since you asked...

My first "dangerous" situation was selling mace in black and Hispanic neighborhoods in Chicago. When I was chased out of a neighborhood, spraying mace behind me, I decided not to go back to that neighborhood. Could have been nice to document with some sort of video.

My next dangerous situation came after a Chicago Bears game. We had a few drinks at the game, came back to my parents place (I was in college) and noticed a disturbance down the street with police and a bunch of people. Naturally we went down to check it out. It was at the Polish Embassy during the Lech Welesa days.

I went to hit on a cute reporter while my friend mixed with the crowd. I didn't get anywhere with her, and worked my way back up to my friend. Before I could say what's up to him, I was thrown over a police barricade and thrown in a paddy wagon with two non-English speaking Polish guys and the paddy wagon took off. After a few hours in jail, I was let go and joined my Parents at Oktoberfest for a beer at our Church (side comment, but shows you my focus was having fun, not abusing cops). Showed up to court and the cop told the judge I jumped on his back. I was shocked. My first experience with police lying. Before the court time I heard the officer speaking to the two Polish guys who were arrested in Polish. I guess they got their stories straight. Got an attorney and got out of it. A camera would have helped.

My last time was just a few weeks ago. I was enjoying my Chicago Blackhawks play the Anaheim Ducks in Orange County. The stadium was full of Hawks fans. We were winning and of course boisterous to the crowd around us, again, mostly Hawks fans. There were a few Ducks fans in front of us who didn't like us. But we weren't abusive towards them at all. But they called security. Security came down and asked that my friend and I come with them. I said no thanks. After going back and forth on this for several minutes, he said come with me now or we will call the police. I said go ahead and call them. Next thing there was 7 police and security asking me and my friend to leave. The entire time I repeated the same question to them; "have we done anything wrong?" They wouldn't answer. Not once did they answer that question. But because it was now a scene, they had to show who was boss. They cleared out the row in front of us. Knocked the food out of my hand when I tried to take a bite. Knocked the beer out of my hand when I went to take a drink (minding my own business and trying to watch the game of course). The first security guy (not police officer) was the one doing this as I take it he thought I was showing him up. He then proceeded to put plastic cuffs on one hand and I finally relented (he didn't put the cuffs on the other hand). I was escorted up to the top away from spectators. There were 6 security/officers with me and one with my friend. I took control of the situation by immediately asking the question, again, "Have we done anything wrong?" No answer. I then followed up with, "Are we free to go?" and they said yes. We left. I figured we had warn out our welcome and there was no point of discussing things further. A video of the incident would have helped...if needed. Luckily, I have read much on this subject here on DP, and elsewhere and knew how to handle myself and the intimidation. Without a recording of it, things could have got worse.

You attack me for saying "talk is cheap" without knowing me and all I was trying to do was help people know what options they have available to them. Now you know a bit more of where I come from.

If you don't like my reasoning in trying to help others learn, then go ahead and continue your attacks. I'll leave it to others to judge.

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