Comment: My Short List of Questions

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My Short List of Questions

1. Why hasn't the media interviewed the man who was not murdered when his car was highjacked by the assailants?

2. The media reported over 200 rounds were fired between the police and the suspects. Despite all the photographs we have been shown, why are there no pictures of someone holding at least 1 shell casing, perhaps as some short of morbid souvenir?

3. How is it that only 3 people were killed? I'd like to see pictures where the deceased (Martin Richard, age 8, Krystle Campbell, age 29 and Lu Lingzi, graduate student at Boston University, age unknown) were standing in relation to where the bombs were placed but before they detonated. Surely with all the CCTV cameras present as well as spectators holding portable cameras someone must have pictures of the victims before the bombs went off.

4. It was reported the bombs were of a pressure cooker design (see the photo here: ). I don't know the actual dimensions of the device but it seems to me the "ready to detonate" appliance has a handle protruding from it and its placement in a backpack would be readily apparent to anyone looking at it. Why don't the backpacks carried by the two men appear to have something of an odd shape to them?