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Comment: I too am worried by the support such posts get...

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I too am worried by the support such posts get...

I'm one of those that have 'threatened to leave' during the whole 'Sandy Hook' conspiracy theories... that "they were actors" - "nobody really died." I wasn't so troubled that someone might think such things - what bothered me was how much support such memes would garner. And when I (or anyone) tried to counter the memes with logic and reason, I would get shot down as "confused", "not wanting to see the truth", "a government agent."

Subsequently, I've muted myself... why counter such posts and take such abuse? I've read the conspiracy posts here about Boston (the very ones that caused the problem) - but I didn't bother interjecting... While claiming to want to discover the truth, they actually shut down debate with bully tactics. Likewise with 9/11 debates.

I think we've lost a lot of quality folks since the election. There is a large vocal remnant that really turns me off.

I don't know what to suggest... my hope is that Michael will continue to cultivate the DP to be a place I want to continue to visit and participate in... my fear is that Michael is getting sick of it.