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#1 He has been interviewed and does not want to be identified publicly

#2 This guy had a slug from a bullet that went through his house during the shootout, there is another person who had a slug in her house from the shootout as well if you look for it

3# There is this photo of him by the boy, and it may be the girl there in front of him with sunglasses and her elbow on the rail
But yeah I'm sure if you do some research you can find them in pictures or video.

#4 You would have to have seen the particular bomb they made in order to know that, that's just an example of a pressure cooker bomb, doesn't mean it's a replica. Either way from looking at all the backpacks in the pictures I have seen, many people had backpacks with bulges and such that look suspicious after the fact, so a full backpack was not out of the ordinary or suspicious because it was so common.