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Comment: Then Nystrom is a Conspiracy Theorist by those standards.

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Then Nystrom is a Conspiracy Theorist by those standards.

"Obviously someone was behind it. Those kids didn't do it all on their own. Who was behind it? I don't know, and no one does." Michael Nystrom

Why not remove yourself completely now if you are so opposed to the idea of someone suggesting the bombing narrative is BS?

Obviously I don't want you to leave, but we find answers through debate, not by stifling it.

The point is that this particular conspiracy is so far out there it diminishes the integrity of the DP. Right ? I kind of agree, but so does throwing people from the site for questioning common sense inconsistencies with human reaction to trauma.

Maybe a better way to handle it would have been for Michael Nystrom to create a front page post asking members to limit these posts, to explain his position that he believes there are trolls and disinfo agents on this site.

Of course this is his site and he can do as he pleases, but I am not trying to hurt him or this site, I was and am only trying to keep its integrity intact by debating this openly. Capisce?

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