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Comment: For Starters

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For Starters

- How did Dzhokhar manage to elude thousands of police after the hand grenade and shoot-out event?

- I wish some media outlet would do Tsarnaev family immigration/emigration/naturalization timeline showing who came and went, when, and for what reason as nearly as can be determined. It should include where the bomber brothers were living at any specific time and with whom. I've read that there is still one Tsarnaev sister in the US and two back home. Include when Tamerian assaulted his girlfriend, got married to another, and had a baby. A timeline would help make sense of all the loose bits of information.

-Who invited the Tsarnaev family to move to the US? Who paid for their passage here? Did they have sponsors? Did they receive government benefits? This information might help move the immigration debate along.

-Cars: So far, I've read that Tsarnaev owned a Mercedes although he had no high paying job, Dzhokhan, a student, may have had a Camero, and one of the people arrested at Dzhokhan's former residence had a BMW with the Terrorista vanity plate. Who paid for al thes nice rides?

-After the FBI posted two pictures of the suspects, the FBI asked our help in identifying them. Why? The FBI had had contacts with Tamerian. it must have had photos. Why was it unable to connect the two sets of photos?