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but supposedly the accused younger boy was alive and walked off the boat??

either way, if the kid were shot in the head with a rifle round, he'd be gone by now, so, either it was a lucky sub-25yd pistol caliber-shot (considering what sounded like hundreds of rounds in the above linked video), or someone snuck one in, later, after he was seen walking off the boat.

you know, even understanding their malice, I used to think how pathetic it is that almost ALL govt-sponsored false flags tend to be sooooo obviously full of holes. And, I used to think that it was unintentional sloppiness.

Now... I'm of the mind that most false flags are full of holes, on purpose. The 'looser' the details, the more room the perpetrators have to manipulate and inject, interject, and 'call audibles' along the way as situations develop and change.

When details are too tight, it's actually a lot easier for skeptical observers to refute; as all of these things still have to operate on some level of logical progression, so anything 'out of place' sticks out even more pronouncedly.

Often, the more ridiculous some details are, it's easier to paint the skeptics with disinfo and as 'conspiracy theorists,' to dismiss their legitimate scrutiny, altogether.

So, in fact, now I'm 100% of the mind that the more intentionally 'loosely' designed a false flag op is, it's actually better for the malicious planners. Plus, it actually gives them more room to dictate via their MSM channels their own narrative, along the way.

Besides, observing public response to more recent false flags or at the least, most questionable 'terrorist' attacks, it frankly doesn't matter for the moron sheeple populace anyway; Bostonians, especially their youths actually CHEERED "USA! USA!" at the loss of their Bill of Rights.

So for the Ruling Class, they must be saying 'holy shiite, with these idiots, we can literally get away with ANYTHING!'

I'd like to think at least 30% of Americans are truly awake. But who knows for certain if we actually already reached critical mass of awakened citizenry; unless something happens and VISIBLY massive response countering the Ruling Class narrative can be seen and observed, there is no 100% certain way for the 'good guys' to count just exactly how many of us there actually are.

If gut feeling is the barometer, I truly feel it's already way beyond 25% of the population. Then again, it is just a feeling, whatever that's worth...

Time is nigh? Then again, I also thought that in back during the RP2008 cycle: I'm constantly amazed at the depth of human capacity to become willfully, both consciously and subconsciously, accustomed to tyranny, however fast or slow it's approaching, or already there.

Normalcy Bias is a sickeningly incredible human psychological phenomenon, IMO.

Other than keep on informing those I meet, sewing the 'Drive-By Red Pills' along the way, it really is the most anyone can do, as all lasting changes are personal, and individual. There's only so much you can 'logic' someone to change; unless one finds a deep internal reason TO change, they won't. So what else is new... yikes.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul