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Comment: It's such a lot of fun, isn't it?

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It's such a lot of fun, isn't it?

Loose language, lip service, fuzzy logic, and fallacies are now part of the standard, official vernacular of your rulers.

Our Federal Attorney buddy has great teachers to look up to.

Ask Feinstein or your POTUS how it works.

The latter made a recorded statement last year that "his job is to protect and defend the American people" (alluded: from the "bad guys" and "whatever it takes").

Too bad nobody but him and his thugs get to decide who are the bad guys.

I take it the Supreme Court and Senate are now in full prostitution mode, competing with the Congress brothel.

Interestingly enough, Hitler had more or less much of the same rhetoric, btw.

I'm not even sure the POTUS changed any words beyond the countries names.

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