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Comment: I did not post this to create discord

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I did not post this to create discord

In fact I initially thought it could be some sort of satirical protest against CISPA and I didn't get the memo. It really did seem so out of place for this community to ban members for kicking around ideas that were controversial. Everyone who has suggested that I claimed we have a first amendment right to post here is it seems deliberately confusing the issue. My intention was to find out what happened to some of our long time DP friends. Many of us don't watch tv, many of us don't read the msm narrative, many of us come right here for all of our information. Subsequently many of us have created valuable friendships with members on this site. While this site is obviously owned and created my Michael Nystrom, it's members are what make it a community. So when you throw a member out of a seemingly tolerant close knit community for engaging in controversial speech that has in the past been TOLERATED without explanation it is pretty shocking. Especially when you consider the time and effort people put into making this a community, not just in terms of the content they contribute, but also the money they have donated to this site. Then to be told to piss off by Michael cause this is his site SUCKS for those not ready to lose those connections with the friends they have made. That approach seems to lack appreciation for the people who make this place what it is. After all the DP is not a brand, it is a community, without its members there is nothing here, literally.

Maybe we aren't as close knit as I thought, maybe Michael is having a bad day, maybe I am being too sensitive or maybe this could have and still can be handled differently before the culture and integrity of this site is forever changed.

I understand the argument that Michael was trying to keep this site from being over run by wacky conspiracies, but hasn't it always been over run with wacky conspiracies :) Could this not have been handled the way it always has, with the wacky conspiracies being fleshed out and dying organically because they lack substance. Clearly the site was being saturated with the talk beyond even my liking but I know over time the truth will prevail here if we allow it to. Even if that was too much of a risk for Michael for whatever reason, then why not a front page post asking people to limit the amount of posts on the subject. Since when have DP members not respected his wishes. What about a warning or simply an explanation.

Why let it come to this ?

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb