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Comment: No-Free-Press

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Any candidate showing real potential to unseat the tribal monopoly faces a fury of bought and paid for judges, politicians and of course, the Press. It’s not hard to see:

John Liu: rising star amongst city's large and growing Asian population

Malcolm Smith: rising star amongst the african american nyers; stopped in his tracks after being arrested

John Catsimatidis: even greek billionaire can't avoid the NY press smackdown

And Guess who is the favorite son/daughter set to replace ol' Bloomers himself... Ambitious carear pol willing to do and say anything to get elected: Christine Quinn

also don't forget or count out the disgraced Weiner. He'll sit and roll-over to get back in office.

Folks... Our Press / TV / Media Corporations they all are a big part of our nations' problem. There is No Free Press any longer.

Our Press does not represent the American People or our Interests. They do not serve to inform, discover, or educate, but merely to manipulate and spread propaganda, and are one of many action arms the conquering Forces have used to subdue us.

See with your own eyes;
Think for yourself;
Be prepared to go where the evidence takes you

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!