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Comment: yup, Hope... the most dangerous, and most beautiful human

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yup, Hope... the most dangerous, and most beautiful human


I HOPE there are more than 10%! hell, I believe (another dangerous human attribute.D ) there are almost 30%

but... who knows...

I truly hope so though.

cautious optimist, as they say.

but, indeed:

the public is complicit in using the same lies against each other to keep the public "safe".

why the Ruling Class expend 90% of their time, effort and FRN's leveraging mass brainwashing: they're a few, we are many: they have to convince us to police ourselves and each other for the con to continue...though, barring existence of our yet unwritten about progenitors, you'd think about 10,000+ yrs of written history would be enough for humans to finally 'get' the age-old command-control con, but alas, it seems even in the Age of Google, where we humans have more info available to us than at any time in history, with a single mouse click, people are still easily conned.

Though, perhaps BECAUSE of Google, which simply allows one to indulge more of what each person has always liked, that one gets lost in one's own Ocean of 'Misinformia:' if one had erroneous or misinformed worldviews before, perhaps he/she'll simply find more excuses/rational to believe it deeper.

But, even if so, as with all human discernment decisions, no matter how passionately we feel we're right about something based on observable history, at the end of the day, the human mind is that dangerously beautiful paradox: we don't 'see' anything, technically, the eye is only a visual censor, our brains are actually what 'sees' the world. In point of fact, EVERYTHING we 'see' is an interpretation of images 'received' via a set of weird squishy mushy photon receptors.

So suppose, one is only truly correct to claim that everything, is always in the eye of the beholder; humans, as subjective beings, it is patently absurd for any of us to factually claim anything to be 100% purely "objective," and so the cycle of history repeats...oy veh!

Help. I need a new photon receptor! lol. yikes!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul