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Comment: ...and my talk radio junkie friend asks;

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...and my talk radio junkie friend asks;

" My question is who are the combatants in this civil war? Neocon Progressive types vs. so called liberty guys?"

To which I responded:" Anyone who can't restrain themselves....Obama will whip people into a frenzy, Alex Jones will whip people into a fenzy, Lindsay Graham will whip people into a frenzy, and Glenn Beck and Medved and Savage and Bill O'Reilly will ALL do their, foul language, snitch society...whatever...if the people have no moral restraint, and even LESS knowledge of history/religion etc. they will go ape!....then, the dictatorship can clamp down for the sake of "peace"...we've been attacked, we need to UNITE!!! Unitarian Pluralism (one nation under God rhetoric), American Exceptionalism(the STATE is god!) Doesn't DIVIDE! Bigoted ideology MUST be deemed unlawful, and government criticism MUST be called "seditious libel" in this monumental time of WAR!!!"