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Comment: Joel... yup, talk about a miracle.

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Joel... yup, talk about a miracle.

Even if one weren't a faithful person before, I would find it hard to discount the very likelihood of them at the least 'entertaining' the notion of the existence of something beyond in the Cosmos, or even perhaps something of the Cosmos; considering the sheer mathematical improbability of surviving such crash, where serendipitously Joel remembered recently reading about precisely THE article on stall-mitigating techniques that will actually save his it was happening????? Where the cockpit literally sheared off nearly in half, after tumbling like a cartwheel after crashing to the ground, for a man of Joel's age to come out, for all intents and purposes, unscathed!!!

Holy Friggging F'ng F'ng Cow!!!


Simply, wow.

'The Force' was definitely strong with him that day!

Truly, a Miracle. A Sublime Miracle!

Destiny, Serendipity, whatever. But 'something'...heck, call it 'extreme efficacy of mathematical improbability in action' (for all you strictly deductionist atheist humanists. lol), whatever was working with him, or for him, or through him, truly, a miracle of miracles!

Sure, people say "It's a Miracle!" as a rhetorical semantics vernacular in passing, but an actual miracle that saves your own LIFE?? Wow! Truly, one would have to open up about the universe!

Truly, a miracle, of miracles!

Predictions in due Time...

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