Comment: we are all in the same boat

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we are all in the same boat

watching our very lives pour down the drain
it is personal,up in your face and down right
and yes enough is enough!!most are just sick and tired of it all
a prez and a congress who do not care,just out for more bucks
and all of our backs
i am sick of all the lies from the fed gov,the more i read,the more
bothered and the more sick i become,this is not any gov i want
handling my affairs
since i started on my journey through politics,and just plain ole watching what has happened,i have lost most of what i once was,and
what i used to be,own has all been taken,stolen or just come up missing
so yes we all lose at the same time,and we gain at the same time
but one thing is for certain,if we do not take this journey together
and watch each others back,we will hang alone,and no one,and i mean NO ONE will even know we are gone and not coming back

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence