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He has other options...get

He has other options...get him to join a trade union....its a five year apprenticeship, but he is able to work and make money the entire time....once he finishes the apprenticeship and becomes a journeyman he will be able to make more. The union will find him work(this is the true purpose of the union). He will also recieve health care so the IRS cant hit him with that $5000 fine for not having it. I know a lot of people here dont care for unions and I will be the first to admit they go too far sometimes...but there are advantages to them...namely they train you and find you work. I gaurantee you he will make more than a private in the army this way. However, if he did join the army for a few years that opens the door to military contracting....which can be lucrative as well...either way once established you can make a decent living. Neither is truly compatible with libertarian beliefs...but its a jungle out there and you have to do whatever you can to survive until we can bring about change. I wouldnt reccomend college...the average college graduate only makes 37k....not enough to survive on easily these days. You will make more as a Pipefitter., Carpenter, Millwright, Boilermaker, Ironworker, Operator,Insulator...or even a Laborer in the union, sad but true. If I had known about military contracting out of high school, I could have worked ten years and retired for life, but you cant do that type of thing when you are married.
The best option is of course to start your own business. When I lived in FL I knew a guy who made 100k a year washing storefront windows about 6 hours a day....heh, he started by washing windows for a business who didnt want him to. He offered to do it for free...and did for abouth a month and then stopped....once the owner asked him why he told him the free trial was a whole $2 per window the owner decided having clean windows was worth it. So he made 100k with $20 worth of cleaning supplies. Other businesses are easy to start as well all depending on what skillset he has, sadly a lot of skillsets these days are geared toward working for others and cant be adapted to working for yourself....but many others can.