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nonna :)

thank you greatly for your kind words
i am going to keep them where i need it the most
i can honestly say i feel the same towards you
we must have the same energy patterns
what i typed is from personal experience and knowledge
most times i keep it to myself,but at times such as this,it just has to get out (maybe another needs to read it?) who knows? but i have learned to not fight them type of urges (have in the past,caused me heartache and more loss)
here is one story to share,the fed gov tried to make a militia group
here in mich disappear,2 years later they finally get out,only to find they stole are their belongings,their home was trashed and unlivable (still is),they even so far as to steal their wedding rings
was never admitted into evidence
when it looked like the fed gov would lose,they tried to trump up the charges to make it look like they were guilty (of something,anything)
their eye witness was a man who tried to kill his own wife with a rifle in their home,and when that went sour,he tried to say she tried to stab him with a knife!! this also backfired,and this was the feds star witness!!
this witness (a fed) showed the group how to make a bomb,actively
went so far as to ask them first,then showed them how,upon them learning,they were guilty of knowing
the feds couldn't even tell if what the group owned was an automatic
rifle or a sawed off shotgun
some of what went on is laughable,but mostly is a crying shame that brings tears when thinking about it
now had the gov pressed the NDAA and the patriot act,they would not be here or anywhere for that matter
and these are the ones who bring justice and uphold our laws?
sorry to rant so long
i have a spot in my heart for my friends and i hold them close,at times this is all we have or might get to keep

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence