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That would be exactly what I was saying lol and yes I'm sure the cops that are anti-cannabis(there are quite a few who agree with the legalization)will use this to their full extent.I'm curious to see how they frame this to the lawmakers out here as the majority are pro-cannabis and there is already legislation that says if you're a card holder or I'm assuming if you smoke at all you're not allowed to own firearms...but I guess that's up to you and if you want to inform them you're a gun owner at all. :)
It really was a fun time,everyone was super friendly and it was my first festival like that lol until the thugs(which didn't happen until basically the end,we were getting ready to leave it was close to 5 pm)ya know pants hanging off their arse,large chains,wannabes really...and they were white and black so no rascism there lol.

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees...