Comment: Never seen an Alex Jones show in my life

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Never seen an Alex Jones show in my life

but I did study architecture in school and spent 13 plus years in the field. I'll support your theory of demolition by plane if you can show me 1 of ANYTHING completely crushing 9 of the same masses below it. That's what the official story claims happened. Approx. 1/10th of the top of the building (which would have been lighter actually)supposedly crushed the 9/10th's below it because of increased force resulting from acceleration due to gravity. Hey, I'll even reconsider if you can show me 3 of any mass crushing 7 below it. Tape seven coke cans together and drop 3 taped ones on top of it. Drop 3 crackers on a stack of 7. Find anything, I mean anything of equal mass, and drop it from 3 or 4 times the height of the whole if you'd like, and see if you can make this happen. Post a video of it, and the next day I'll call to take my name off of the petition I signed at AE911 calling for a new investigation.