Comment: Courtroom is the place to argue the law

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Courtroom is the place to argue the law

The Police don't care about interpreting the law. That's a job for the courts. IMHO, His argumentative manner caused the arrest.

IANAL, but express your desire to be on your way e.g. "I'd like to be on my way. Am I being detained?" If the cop answers yes. Ask if you're under arrest. They are likely to say no. If they ask about the rifle, announce you have a CCW and then shut up.

Being argumentative does not help. The cop will escalate. Just quietly ask questions.

Have I caused any harm officer?
What is your name or badge number and department?

When asked for ID, don't point to your pocket. Give them your name.
My name is X. Speaking your name is Identification.

Good job with the not consenting to search.

When you're being detained is no place to tell the cop you will file a civil suit. Especially since you can't afford a defense lawyer now.

It's easy to get heated when your rights are being violated by costumed gang members we're forced to pay for. It may make you feel better at the time, but it doesn't do any good.