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If I'm not mistaken, I

If I'm not mistaken, I believe fertilizer was used to explode the Murrow building in Oklahoma City Bombing, was it not? Or that's what I heard. When I first heard that the fertilizer plant exploded, that actually was the first thought I had; that somebody is worried about Americans using fertilizer as explosives. I'm sorry. I can't help but think this federal govt is going after the people. We know the economic crisis is coming. We know they armed violent Mexican drug cartel thugs. And they are trying to disarm us and make it where we can't buy explosive powder anymore without a background check. And our atty general was saying the president has the right to drone strike American citizens right here at home. Seems there are entities who'd love to bring the "battlefield" here and looks like they are already on the war path. Central banks and the military industrial complex profit from wars.