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Comment: EdSchill A little respect goes a long way here on DP

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EdSchill A little respect goes a long way here on DP

The topics are not off limits, they are insensitive at this time because you have the owner of this site making first hand reports that get little attention or sympathy, concern, help (as much as I love soaking in hot springs and think it works wonders), the conspiracy theory debates about Boston are like opening a tramatic emotional blow and filling it with BS.. as real answers are needed and not happening... so the conspiracy this soon gets to be a bit much when it's your life that's being affected.

It's a lack of respect, and the insult is, the idea that one is entitled, blah blah blah is not RESPECT or appreciation, or giving a damn, and the kicker, is as I said, and I KNOW, some of these folks have been through HELL, and I would think they would be the most sensitive to MN's situation.

And it's like deacon and Nonna said.. they understand.. Some of us are under way more pressure than usual.. death and BS connected with it.. relocating, all this false flag stuff.. great when you can just walk away, and I guess MN could, and what good does that do?

If you've read MN's last few posts you can see he's going through HELL.. also, I noticed that some of the folks that are banned are people I KNOW he likes.

I think a few email exchanges will make DP a better place. We need to respect each other here. We don't have to agree or even like each other, but MN, the mods, and we deserve respect, because we can go elsewhere, and so could they. That's not what I want (do you?)