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Ive been here since 07.. even lurked before becoming a member.

In 2008 I left RPF and started posting here because I couldn't take all the conspiracy chit at RPF. At this point.. after screaming FIRE for so many years.. I dont give a fuck if there is a conspiracy or not. It just sucks ass to be relentlessly exposed to this chit.

I dealt with 'truthers' at our meetings that were disruptive and freaked out other 'older' activists. I remained neutral and witnessed it hamper our efforts. But hey.. what do I know? Im just sick of this shit.

This is my favorite site on the internet... and it seems like an offshoot of infowars. I don't visit infowars unless Drudge links it.. and I wish he wouldn't.

Political activism at the DP? Nah.. lets just talk about ghosts, ufo's and a ton of other shit that we can't prove.. but will certainly praise like gospel.

How many of you conspiracy folks are delegates or activists? From what I see, its a bunch of pimple faced geeks more obsessed with drama than solutions. Not to be a dick.. but I can't wait until the midterms when the 'conspiracy' part of our movement goes to the back.. where it deserves to be.

Scream at people as trolls if they disagree.

Do no activism at the local level.

But yet... expect everyone to be on board.

No thanks.

I hope there is still a DailyPaul by the time the midterms come and the Liberty candidates actually need us.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul