Comment: Regarding 711 and Cars ...

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Regarding 711 and Cars ...

... I am 100% positive of this:

(1) I saw a press conference by a cop (don't know if he was Chief or another officer, but he looked like Boston PD and he was giving a press conference) and he said clearly that they did NOT rob the 711, and it seemed like he was saying they were in it or near it at or around the time it was robbed by someone else, and

(2) I saw an interview with a mechanic or auto repair shop owner who works on cars of a lot of the foreign students who live in the area, and he said that younger brother came in to pick up the car that his GIRLFRIEND owned, and that it was a MERCEDES; he also said the guy was acting very nervous and wanted the car out ASAP and didn't want to wait for work to be done on it (he knows the younger brother, has talked with him many times before and he was acting strange to the point he thought the kid was on drugs); also, he said that there are a lot of foreign students in the area with wealthy parents/governments (he mentioned Turkey and one other country that I forget as examples to illustrate his point) and he said they drive cars like Range Rovers and Porsches.

Now, this part, I am not 100% sure of --
I have not heard or read anything about what cars, if any, the brothers owned. I remember at one time there was a media announcement to be on the lookout for a green Honda and they included a MA license number. I have also heard/read that the green Honda was the car hijacked and that it wasn't. I have heard/read that the hijacked car was (a) a green Honda, (b) a Mercedes, and (c) an SUV. I also heard/read that a cop owned it and was the person hijacked.

I would also like to point out that in some areas of the country, any 711 that has gas pumps has branded pumps (Exxon, Chevron, Shell, etc.) so that it is "dual" 711 and the branded gas station combined into one. In other parts of the country, 711's with gas are branded 711.

What is the case in Boston? Was the 711 that was robbed also a branded gas station? A Shell? Was the gas station where the car jacked guy (not killed, by killers???) also a Shell? Also a 711?

Anyway, cops DEFINITELY said they did not rob the 711, and auto repair guy DEFINITELY said younger brother picked up girlfriend's Mercedes.

I wonder ... if the guys' friends were all driving cool cars, then offering them nice cars might be one way to get on their good side. So, it would interesting to know if they owned cars and what kind, because they don't seem to be from wealthy families at all.