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In Full Agreement!

DailyPaul certainly lost direction once the prospect of a Ron Paul presidency ended. Like you P. Nicholson, I'll read many of the "conspiracy" posts but am forced to evaluate them the same way I try to evaluate everything: with a healthy measure of skepticism. As supporters of true independent thinker, we should all avoid being dragged dragged hook line and sinker into anything.

Was WTC 7 demolished? Was the Pentagon hit with a missile? The evidence is compelling for both people like us, who openly question what we are told. It will never be that way for the majority of people. And by the time our crusade to find conspiracy everywhere is vindicated, it will be too late and too many people won't care. On 9/11 we lost 3,000 Americans. That's a fraction of the lives lost in Vietnam. It's a fraction of the Americans lost in the Battle of Gettysburg. It was a world changing event, and bred our current situation in the world. But it's time to look toward creating a government where atrocities like 9/11 cannot be perpetrated in the future. As opposed to screaming in the wilderness that it was an inside job, eleven years later.