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NO freaking missile hit the damn fertilizer plant in Texas.


The missile sound = wind blowing across the mic of the camera.

Fireball from left to right = most likely another tank blowing off screen and igniting the air around the fire already in place.

Fertilizer is EXPLOSIVE. That is why there are regulations in place to maintain a certain level of the chemicals within a plant. So that the place doesn't go BOOM.

Why would they need a missle to blow up a fertilizer plant, already on fire?

Granted, I have seen some pretty interesting stories out of West, Texas, but I DO NOT believe there is a "conspiracy" to be found here.

Not everything is a conspiracy and government cover-up....

Until further evidence is found, this was just a fertilizer plant that exploded. Nothing more, and nothing less.

Stop pushing "cult conspiratard" BS... this is why no one takes us seriously when we talk about 9/11 and ask questions about Boston.

Try, and

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