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so far..

The reception has been better than expected.

I listen to Aj sometimes.. doesnt mean I have to subscribe to his beliefs. He gets way out of control sometimes and I have a more level head. Had he appeared on Piers the way Larry Pratt did I would have a TON more respect.

The fact he didn't have the maturity, respect or honor enough to understand that he was on national television representing a movement means I dont have to repect irrational behavior. He literally gave all the ammunition to the left.. and did so riding a high horse while throwing anyone associated with him under the bus. I posted the now infamous 'Screw Alex Jones' thread because I was flat out pissed at him over his lack of LEADERSHIP.

Leaders do not lose their cool and give the enemy fodder. Leaders lead. They are honorable in tough situations. AJ was not. Period. He acted like a paranoid prom date trying to impress his buddies.

He didn't even apologize for his actions.


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul