Comment: Totally strange.

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Totally strange.

After scrutinizing the photos I feel that it is likely the same person. From what I could tell, the body structure, facial shape and hair seem to be remarkably similar. The main issue, for me, is that the body hair from the death photo doesn't show up in the "naked man" photos. But I recognized that due to low lighting and camera distance/quality I can't even make out his mouth or eyes with any detail and the same is true for the officer escorting him. So if I can't see a mouth in those conditions I can't expect to see chest hair with any detail beyond the slight shading which does seem to be visible in two of the photos. Serious questions must be answered. If they are not the same individual then clarification should be a given. This is all so strange and nothing seems to add up. If it's not one thing it's the same thing, these days.