Comment: "What? Me worry?" ~ Alfred E. Neuman, MAD Magazine

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"What? Me worry?" ~ Alfred E. Neuman, MAD Magazine

Alfred E. Neuman, MAD Magazine Cover Boy leaves Wall Street journal front page explained.

One day in the 1960s a letter was delivered to the MAD Magazine offices bearing no name or address. Other than a postage stamp, the envelope bore only a picture of the magazine’s cover boy, Alfred E. Neuman.

Clearly, the gap-toothed face of the idiot kid had become iconic. Alfred and MAD... Already the grinning face had shown up in unlikely places: placards of him as a candidate — “You could do worse, you always have!” — were flaunted at political conventions. His features were sculpted in ice at a Dartmouth Winter Carnival. Fred Astaire danced in an Alfred mask during a TV special. A party of climbers planted a Neuman flag atop Mount Everest...

Enough for Wall Street Journal today; tomorrow, it shall be fish wrap.

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