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yes, yes, yes, no, no, yes, perhaps.o)

shifting narratives... what they're good at, no?

frankly at this juncture in history, my mind, and body have a viscerally-repulsed autonomic reaction anytime I even hear the word "government" or "corporatist," nowadays. Someone says either of those, to me, it only conjures up synonyms like assaulters, kidnappers, rapists, pedophiles, torturers, and murderers.

like so many events, will we ever know, for certain?

it ain't like bad guys come with signs (though they're easy to spot if one's observant)...and unfortunately, it seems more and more inescapable that the rest of the sheeple populace are all too willing and ready to openly accept rape as 'involuntary consensual sex,' if propagandized and told by the MSM to accept it, 24/7 long enough.

I just would like to see a grand Nuremberg 2.0, in my lifetime...hopefully...possibly? anyway.

like all other propagandized events, for me personally, though how and whys are no doubt, historically pertinent, and important, but the only thing that matters to me, is which one of my rights they're going to attack next, and what roll-out did they beta-test to gauge the public's reaction with, this time.

well, if Katrina served as a mini-test lab to see what a martial law declaration with Blackwater hired by DHS to openly police the streets of America and how the populace would respond in a traditionally economically poor, minority-majority city, would look like, then, Boston lockdown served as a beta-test for full on high-tech martial law rollout with mandated curfew and warrantless door-to-door SWAT raid in low to upper middleclass mixed neighborhoods in shadow of one of the highest IQ density per square mile, in the world.

and to their non-surprise, I'm sure the Ruling Class are telling themselves 'Holy shiitte, these idiots will accept anything we do to them! Look! Look! those idiots nearby Harvard/MIT are actually celebrating their own demise with "USA! USA!" LOL What can't we get away with these primates!'

Frankly, at this juncture, can't say I blame them.

But, hope...ah...that inexplicably beautiful and dangerous human emotional, spiritually hormonal paradox that defeats any rationality runs oh too strong for the body to not succumb to the mind. So, silly me, I still hope.

So, part of me still strongly feels that we actually DO have a critical mass of Americans that are awake!

YES! So says my cautiously optimistic self. Actually, the more certain part thinks it's more like 10 solid percent. but they're both only gut feelings, whatever that is worth 'objectively,' coming from a decidedly innately subjective human species.

it'll be an interesting ride to say the least.

I'd say for those looking for some alternate means, should consider the notion of applying 'wealth cycles' if you can, to cushion the fall, then surf along the ashes of post-collapse:

PS. "Or maybe someone ran over him and loaded him up with bullet holes." apparently, a lady called into a popular sports talk radio show to counter the policestate's claims that the younger one drove over his own brother. I'm definitely inclined to believe the female witness, vs. no-credibility track record policestate actor:

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul