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Amen friend...

that same man remained steadfast to his principles but played the game enough to inspire all of us.

Politics is the dirtiest game.

Remember that Rand went on Maddows show to try to unite both sides. She used the opportunity to make him a victim of the left. Rand learned important lessons there.. for sure.

I just wish folks her would realize.. it isn't if you are right.. its if you can build a coalition that wins. Ron knows this.. without it do you really believe Rand would have won his seat???

Against all odds WE sent Rand to the Senate. Let the left/right fucktards explain it away, but I was there. We did it. Minority whip Mitch McConnel did his best to stop him.

Rand proved he was up to the challenge. And won.. Now Mitch is his buddy...

Again folks.. we are playing a dirty ass game.

Those that continue to believe in our philosophy will continue to gain seats at the local, state and federal level.

America was lucky to have one Ron Paul, do not expect lightning to strike twice.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul