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Comment: The Mayor has a right to state his beliefs

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The Mayor has a right to state his beliefs

And in a candid fashion. Even Bill Maher asked on 4/19 why people will not address altering or repealing the 2nd amendment like they did decades ago with conviction. This is the only way to get such legislation like Feinstein wants passed. Stating that the Founding Fathers were genial, but not sooth-sayers, is a compelling argument as to why the Constitution should remain a living document. Even Jefferson, the key author of the document, had reservations on imposing his generations beliefs on countless millions in the future. SO it actually is a good argument to have a referendum on modifying the Constitution. I suspect it would fail, but if the Congress would stop filibustering and actually do their job once in awhile, a vote would put an end to such conjecture, at least for a time. This, of course, involves a 2/3 majority in both houses.