Comment: This keeps coming up...Why?

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This keeps coming up...Why?

Been here a while and I have seen this post about 50 times.

Don't feed the trolls. If you don't like content ignore it, users are free to post nearly anything they want and why should this site act to restrict what people want to post?

I don't have a clue what alex has said lately, I never could listen to him very much. Ron Paul Goes on Alex's show to get interviewed so obviously he doesn't have the same disdain for him you do. Does Ron Pay attention to Alex? I highly doubt it. Maybe you should act More Like Ron and not get so spitting mad about this stuff.

Beside we need people like Alex out there questioning everything and speculating what could be happening. Do I need to remind you of some really terrible conspiracy theories that turned out True?

Gulf of Tonkin
Iran Contra
Iraq war
USS Liberty
Oh and The Aldrich Plan passed on 12/23/1913

How do you suppose the folks ranting and raving about these conspiracies at the time they were enacted felt? How many decent journalists lost their jobs arguing against the lies of the Bush-Cheney white house in the lead up to Iraq?

Like I said I have no clue what Alex has been spouting Lately, but if you look at how many times the FBI has conned some boob into making a Bomb you would know we should always question them. One of these times the FBI is going to take somebody to be another big dumby and help them enact their plot. Only to find out the joke is on them and the gang of idiots they tried to trap weren't nearly as dumb as they thought. They will be standing around waiting for the cell's attempt to detonate the bomb the FBI helped build, when it will make a really big boom. FBI guys will be all standing around with their Johnsons in their hands saying "you switch the real C4 for the fake stuff, Right...Right?" "I thought I did...It wasn't supposed to blow up."