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What a Mess

Since both Rhode Island's CSTs (blue uniform combination) and Massachusetts' CSTs (BDU) were initially blocked by "law enforcement" from entering the blast zone, allegedly New York's CSTs were the "support" personnel at the finish line in the immediate aftermath of the explosion. Hence, the New York team consisting of 5 personnel must have been authorized to wear the blue uniform combination as well. Now, scour the photographs in the immediate aftermath to see if only five personnel were present with the blue uniform combination at the finish line. If so, then I'll agree that the "support" personnel at the finish line were members of New York's CST. However, we still have the thorny issue of at least one member of New York's CST at the finish line wearing apparently unauthorized clothing, i.e. a hat with a logo similar to Craft International, which is punishable under UCMJ regulations.

I think I got the basic gist of the two articles correctly.